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Yes, we are still alive! :)

We did some changes to the URLs on as we are only supporting iRO as server we decided to remove the server from all URLs. We also removed the language from the URL. The old URLs should still be valid and redirect you to the new URL. If you have issues please contact us at

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Geschrieben von Flash, am 20. Dec 2014

Preview: Air Fortress Darkwhisper

We got some screenshots of the upcoming Raid Air Fortress Darkwhisper.

To see more screenshots click on read more

Geschrieben von Flash, am 01. Mar 2014

Preview: Jawaii?

We got some screenshots of future content. Looks quite like Jawaii.

To see more screenshots click on read more

Geschrieben von Flash, am 05. Jan 2014

Master System Preview

We were able to collect some information about the Master System. Please note that there is no guarantee that the system will not change until release!

The Master System will introduce a new Master Level. The maximum Master Level is 100. The maximum Character Stat Bonus is raised to 90 and you will gain 5 status points per Master Level (in total 500 status points).

The Master System will also add Master Grades. There will be 10 Master Grades (each for a different Master Level span).

Detailed information about the new Master Grades and Master Levels can be found in our Master System Database.

Geschrieben von Flash, am 08. Dec 2013

Morroc Screenshots #4

5 Screenshots of the new map "Dayr Desert"

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Geschrieben von Flash, am 05. Dec 2013

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